“Ya'ah'teeh! Shi ei Michelle Thomas yinishye. Naasht'ezhi Tabaaha nishli, Chinese bashishchiin. Kinyaa'aanii... da shi cheii, Chinese da shi nali.”


Michelle Thomas is of the Zuni Edgewater Clan, born for Chinese. Her Maternal Grandfather's clan is the Towering House Clan and her Paternal Grandfather's clan is Chinese.

This is how she identifies herself as a Navajo Woman from Indian Wells, Arizona located on the Navajo reservation. 

Singing the National Anthem in Navajo & The Marine Corp Hymn in Navajo , in honor of the Navajo Code Talkers , her brother and veterans, she is proud to sing in her native tongue because the Navajo language was used to win WW11, which is also known as the secret code. She is also a mother, Singer, Song-Writer, Producer, Motivational Speaker, does Volunteer Work, ModelingBrand/Cause Spokeswoman/Model, promoting her work through influencing communities across the country. She has won various awards in her lifetime and her most recent achievement is being featured in 2020 Empowering Indigenous Women * Role Models Who Inspire. Also winning her first Native American Music Award off her first single in 2019, “Beautifully” – Best Music Video and continues to sing with being influenced by her children . She finds singing as a way to keep herself in balance and harmony. She believes through music we heal.